San Francisco’s only gun store could lose permit.

The only gun store in San Francisco could lose its…

The only gun store in San Francisco could lose its permit to sell weapons.

Antigun advocates are expected to attend a Wednesday hearing and ask authorities to deny a permit to High Bridge Arms, which has operated for five decades on Mission Street.

Gun store manager Steven Alcairo is asking the Police Department to reinstate a use permit that lapsed in January because the gun store’s owner was planning to convert the location into office space.

The city denied the office proposal and the owner decided to continue gun store operations.

The San Francisco Chronicle says police permit officers can approve the store’s request to resume selling guns, deny it, or send the matter to police Chief George Gascon for review and possible Board of Supervisors action.

Source: Associated Press

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  • dan

    What do you expect from gun haters? I am so glad I left Calif. Since leaving I have been able to fully exercize my 2nd amendment rights like every American should. We don’t have 49 other states to choose from. Ill and Wis do not allow their citizens to have full Constitutional rights. As far as I am concerned they will reap what they sow. It is proven that what Jefferson said ” as armed society is a polite society”. The most rude people live in Chicago, another gun hating city.

  • Armored

    Kalifornia is turning more and more effeminate. I guess the idea of being able to teach (which has yet to pass) children about the gay lifestyle and turning them into Sodomites is better than being able to exercise your gun rights.

  • Pliskin

    So sad that America lost one of its most beautiful states to the commies. Oh well at least we still got the other 49.

  • Jman

    Like i said before that was the first gun shop that i purchased my sig 228 & p226 at and had great memories of both. What a sad day for S.F. to make such a poor choice on what is right for others… well i guess its off to marine firearms or down to san leandro or montana hawk in santa rosa ca. or f..k it move the hell out of that state and live free again…live free without others telling you how to live your free life like they know or care bahhhh… so glad to be gone from others telling me what is best for me later…. Good Luck…. 🙁

  • Eric

    “Hope springs eternal.” Given the anti-gun position of San Francisco for the past 40 years, the chance they will get their permit is about as good as the proverbial “snowball” in that “hotplace.”