Santa Rosa Council gets earfull over SWAT weapons display.

Image: Attila Nagy A Santa Rosa City Council review Tuesday…

Image: Attila Nagy

A Santa Rosa City Council review Tuesday night of Gang Prevention Week turned into a referendum on gun control and safety as residents gave the councilmembers an earful about a SWAT display that allowed children to handle automatic weapons.

Critics of the event, some wearing “Guns Are Not Toys” stickers, questioned the wisdom of the police display, which became publicized after photos circulated showing children handling an M-16- style rifle and other weapons.

Elaine Holtz, a member of the city Community Advisory Board who worked a booth at the event, said there was no gun safety education going on that she could see. She said she “absolutely stunned” when she saw the officer place the weapon into the hands of a child.

“I said ‘Wait a minute this is not what this event is about,’” she said.

Source: Kevin McCallum for The Press Democrat.

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