Saskatchewan’s RCMP unveils new tactical vehicles

Photo: Don Healy, Regina Leader-Post On Monday, one of the…

Photo: Don Healy, Regina Leader-Post

On Monday, one of the new TAVs was unveiled in Regina. The other will be based in Prince Albert to serve northern Saskatchewan.

Assistant Commissioner Russ Mirasty said they are to be used in hostage or barricade situations, and anytime there is a high-level threat, usually involving firearms.

“They’re another level of support for our members who respond to tactical, emergency type situations throughout the province to give them a higher level of protection,” said Mirasty.

The RCMP has armoured vehicles, but they are much smaller and can’t handle the same terrain the TAVs can.

Equipped with high ballistic and explosive protection, four-wheel drive, casualty extraction and rescue operation capabilities and adjustable suspension, the vehicle will come in handy for the RCMP during tense assignments. “It increases our ability to respond to these types of situations,” said Mirasty.

Not all of the vehicle’s capabilities are being shared, though. Mirasty said revealing those might compromise the RCMP’s ability to respond and carry out jobs correctly.

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