S.C. gun buyers load up during tax-free holiday.

More guns are sold in South Carolina in the weekend…

More guns are sold in South Carolina in the weekend after Thanksgiving than at any other time of the year, according to Anderson retailers.

That is because, they said, of the state’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday, which allows stores to waive the 6 percent state sales tax on many firearms.

The holiday, which marked its third year, has led many potential gun buyers to pull the trigger, said John Phillips, president of Grady’s Great Outdoors in Anderson.

Phillips said he’s sold hundreds of guns Friday and Saturday, just as the store has for the two previous Second Amendment Sales Tax Holidays.

“It definitely makes a huge difference in our firearms sales,” he said. “I hope the legislature and the governor extends the holiday.”

The two-day holiday started Friday at 12:01 a.m. and ended right after 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Gary Metz, manager of B and B Sporting Goods and Pawn Shop in Anderson, said his store also sold hundreds of guns, more than in any other weekend. “It was as good as last year, maybe not as good as the first year of it, but I’m real pleased,” he said. “Real pleased.”

Source: Mike Ellis for Scripps News.

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