School asks student to remove Marines T-shirt

An Illinois father wants a school district to reconsider its…

An Illinois father wants a school district to reconsider its dress code after his son was asked to remove a U.S. Marines T-shirt or be suspended, has learned.

Daniel McIntyre, 44, of Genoa, told that his 14-year-old son, Michael, was asked to remove the T-shirt by eighth-grade teacher Karen Deverell during reading class at Genoa-Kingston Middle School on Monday. Deverell, citing the school’s dress code, said the garment’s interlocking rifles was problematic and had to be removed from sight, McIntyre said.

“My son is very proud of the Marines, and, in fact, of all the services,” McIntyre said. “So he wears it with pride. There are two rifles crossed underneath the word ‘Marines’ on the shirt, but to me that should be overlooked. It’s more about the Marines instead of the rifles.”

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  • SrA BMadden

    I was always a good kid, never in trouble, As & Bs in everything. I would have said suspend me.

  • N. Louisiana Deputy

    You have absolutely got to be $hitting me-Illinois is as bad as Cali. The Marines/Army/Navy/AF are why we are free!! RIGHTFULLY glorified!!

  • Nate

    Newyork, Illinois, & Cali are going down a very dark path, with some states starting to follow, when a kid can get suspended for a hello kitty bubble gun, its mind blowing

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Molon Labe

  • We live in a sad world. When a picture of a rifle offends someone.