Seattle Police Begin Testing Body Cameras (CREDIT: Greg Gilbert / Seattle Times)

Seattle Police Begin Testing Body Cameras

A total of 12 officers in the Seattle Police Department will take part in a six-month pilot program.

The Seattle Police Department has started a six-month body camera testing program.

The program launched in Capitol Hill and nearby neighborhoods over the weekend, according to The Seattle Times.

Twelve officers in the department’s East Precinct will participate in the six-month pilot program to test one of two makes of cameras being considered by the department. A different camera make will be tested during a subsequent three-month period.

… Two types of cameras, manufactured by Arizona-based Taser International, will be used during the initial three-month test period. Half of the officers will use cameras mounted on the chest area of their uniforms, and the other half will test cameras mounted to Oakley glasses supplied by Taser.

“In my experience of 20 years [on the department] it has been so nice to have in-car video to show people when they say we did things we didn’t do,” Officer Debra Pelich told The Seattle Times. “I’m behind cameras 100 percent.”

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