Seattle, WA rally to support police (video).

Tuesday night there was yet another police rally in downtown…

Tuesday night there was yet another police rally in downtown Seattle.

It was not what you would expect, but exactly what some say the city needed.

It was a rally of a different kind.

Dusty Pruitt is married to a Seattle police officer. She says, “We want the people of the community to know that a few incidents is not the department. The department is full of hard working men and women who go out and do positive things every day for the communities and it just doesn’t make the news.”

It was a rally that celebrates and supports the men in blue who, daily, put their lines on the line to keep the rest of us safe.

Police supporter Cathy Lee Ryan, “Everyone is slamming them in the news and on the street and for me, I support what they do.”

They met at the West Precinct in downtown Seattle with signs and ribbons, because they wanted to offset, to counter balance early anti-police gatherings. That, over the past couple of months turned violent in protest of alleged cases of police brutality.

Source: Q13FOX

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