Secondhand cars, guns given to Ky. sheriff, keeping officers armed and able.

When Colan Harrell took over the Whitley County sheriff's office…

When Colan Harrell took over the Whitley County sheriff’s office amid accusations his predecessor stole more than $200,000 from the agency, he barely had enough guns, ammo and police cruisers to patrol the Appalachian area.

So he did what any lawman in distress would do _ he called on colleagues and the community for help.

Harrell first received Glock pistols, bullets and flashlights from a sporting goods store in a nearby county. Then came the used cruisers, computers and stun guns. Three months after taking office, Harrell now has an arsenal large enough to fight the prescription pill and meth problem in the county of 38,000.

Source: Bruce Schreiner and Brett Barrouquere for the Associated Press.

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  • General Jim M

    Someday our nation has to have a debate on whether prescription pills and meth enforcement ( drug enforcement ) is worth the deaths of citizens and police and the erosion of civil rights.There are too many SWAT home invasions at the wrong address that kill cops,citizens in the erroneously raided dwelling and even family pets.I think that drug use is stupid but a lot of it is done in the privacy of a home.We let women wage a holocaust on the unborn due to privacy concerns, ( at least one million a year in USA ) cops have even protected these deathcamps so they can continue unabated.I just think that we must look at the losses of liberty over misuse of prescription drugs in particular.We have over two million Americans in prison,many over drug laws.I would prefer that our police departments NOT resemble the waffen SS because we have to control drugs.Many people die every year due to poor monitoring of patients drug interactions.Some drugs trade off one kind of death for another as the drug that moderates one ailment adversely affects internal organs like the liver and kidneys.America was a better place prior to the drug wars where police officers were transformed from peace officers to narco-stormtroopers with military armaments.