Secret Service dog falls to its death from roof of New Orleans parking deck

A Secret Service dog fell to its death Saturday night…

A Secret Service dog fell to its death Saturday night while doing a sweep of a multi-story parking deck near a hotel where Vice President Joe Biden was speaking.

The Belgian Malinois fell from the roof of the six-story deck adjacent to The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans where Biden was speaking at a fundraiser for U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, reported CNN affiliate WWL.

Secret Service spokesman Max Milien told CNN the death was a “tragic accident.”

The agency began its canine program in 1975 to detect explosives. It uses Belgian Malinois because they are small and have short hair — making it easy for them to work in the heat. They are also very sociable.

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  • He

    Must be a slow news day.

  • GeneralJimM

    The picture is the wrong breed,it is a German shepard,wrong animal is right,wrong picture.Of course if Obama is a muslim,muslims hate dogs,maybe Obama kicked the dog off of the roof.He just has a portugese water dog to throw off suspicion.Someone feed him a big ham sandwich!!!!!!SS should not be too sad,if they just pretend that it was a civilian’s dog, in a botched SWAT raid and the SWAT team shot the dog.Funny how the Nazi SS and the secret service are both S/S,creepy.

  • Mike

    The wrong animal fell to its death

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Well dog gone it!