Secret Service to probe bullet-ridden Obama image.

Image: U.S. Government/Wikipedia A photograph showing a group of men…

Image: U.S. Government/Wikipedia

A photograph showing a group of men with guns posing with a bullet-ridden image of Barack Obama’s face is to be investigated by the Secret Service, a spokesman confirmed to NBC News.

The New York Times reported that the picture showed seven young men, four with weapons, one of whom was holding a T-shirt with the president’s face on it, above the word “HOPE.” The T-shirt was covered in holes and gashes.

The Times said the photograph was posted on the Facebook page of a Peoria, Ariz. police officer, Sgt. Pat Shearer, on Jan. 20.

“We are aware of it. Anytime information is brought to our attention that a group or individual expresses an unusual interest in one of our protectees, we conduct the appropriate follow-up,” Secret Service spokesman Max Milien told NBC News.

Source: NBC, MSNBC

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  • Jman

    OKAY STOP CALLING THEM MEN!!!! THESE ARE TEENS NOT MEN LOOK AT THE PICS… Men do not post pics like this for the most part on facebook, Really? Not smart for anyone these kids should of known better they wanted attention. Not the way to get it… Dumb kids, not a serious crim… Next!!!!

  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Very fine line they are on there between personal freedoms and “unusual interest”