Self-defense or murder? Outrage as pharmacist who shot 16-year-old trying to rob his shop gets life sentence (video).

A controversial decision to send a pharmacist to jail for…

A controversial decision to send a pharmacist to jail for life for shooting dead a young man who tried to rob his store has caused a storm of protest.

Jerome Ersland was given a life sentence for the first-degree murder of 16-year-old Antwun Parker at an Oklahoma court last week.

The 59-year-old pharmacist shot the youngster six times during an attempted armed robbery in 2009, leading jurors to decide he had acted beyond the limits of self defence.

Thousands in the area have, however, reacted furiously to the decision, insisting Mr Ersland had simply acted to protect himself, his store and his customers.


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  • Jay

    Sounds like the Pharm let his emotions override his logic. [Sound familiar in lieu of lethal force use…] So Pharmie, next time don’t shoot a man [or thug] lying on the ground. Go over and attempt some type of resuscitation effort [if you know what I mean]. Better yet do as Tucson SWAT does and wait about an hour first.

  • General Jim M

    This law that defends criminals just because they are running away is stupid.Do cops fire on fleeing suspects? If a suspect is “no longer a threat” and is fleeing,do cops release K-9 units of them as they run? If a man ran into a police station and in some way threatened cops,then he ran off,would a cop shoot him? There was a good movie on TV tonite that addressed this problem.the movie is called,”FELON”.Though it is fiction,there is also truth in it.Laws of engagement of use of lethal force,and protections of law when they do shoot someone,should apply to civilians as well.Cops are no more trustworthy than the citizens that spawn them.It is always easy for pencil pushers and lawyers and judges to Monday night quarterback.Sometimes when you hesitate in the face of danger,you or your family may die.I’d suggest lawsuits against all government and legal persons involved,if someone kills your kid,runs off and you shoot him.

  • jsa

    You are all missing one critical piece of info. This kid was not armed. Only one perp was armed and he’s still alive and accused of murder.

    “The video shows two people bursting in, ONE pointing a gun at Ersland and two women..”

    “Jevontia Ingram, 14, accused of wielding THE gun in the robbery, was arrested Thursday”

  • larry

    why is it considered excessive to shoot a perp 6 times if your a civilian but if a group of trained men shoot a perp 40 or 50 times its not excessive????

    if he had a badge he would be able to reload twice more and still not have a problem.

    I support the beat cop but the prosecutors need to balance the way they see things.

  • P.A.K

    A little common sense people. Its not what he did its what he could prove. I say the guy probably had a very bad attorney who took the wrong approach to his defense.

    Secondly, he should do jail time for shooting five more times but not life based on what the camera shows. However, if we can rewind the clock he should have shot the little asshole then pretend to do CPR.

    Now, do we know if his attorney took the John Wayne approach to defending the old man by saying he did exactly what he should have, or did he prove the old man was still afraid after seeing his own life flash before his eyes. Maybe the other suspect could have doubled back so he reloaded. Then saw the suspect on the ground reaching for his weapon as he reintered the store and to avoid being killed he shot first. Perhaps he should have taken a position of cover to show he was concerned about being shot at again. Maybe he didn’t know what it meant to take cover. I say it was the attorney’s fault and the crooked ass prosecutor.

  • mike mckinney

    that is complete bs, that man should have got them both. the judge should have high fived him for defending what is his and his life…… that kid got his due and proper. but its ok for that kid to rob a store at gun point “F” that i would have done the same thing. good shooting my man. defend on and shoot to kill.

  • Pete

    The older man thought he was still alive (as he saw him moving) and the boy still had a gun. Would you just let the kid have a chance to shoot you? No, you’d make sure he never gets the chance. This case is ridiculous and it tells the public exactly this: “You shouldn’t defend yourself under any circumstances, if they have a gun and want to kill you then you better let them.”

  • jsa

    This guy was way over the top. Within his rights to fire the shot that hit the kid in the head which knocked him out. But to walk back in the store, re-arm and then shoot the UN-CONSCIOUS kid 5 more times is NOT self defense. Not in anybody’s book. If he had continued firing from the first and connected with those shots during the confusion, he would have been better off. You shoot till the threat is gone. Then access. Then react as necessary. There was no threat when he added those 5 other shots.