Self-defense or murder? Oklahoma pharmacist case sparks debate (video).

Patiently sit through the one minute ad, the report is…

Patiently sit through the one minute ad, the report is worth it.

A story of crime and punishment that is dividing an Oklahoma community has now entered the online world, raising questions about what is self-defense and first-degree murder.

The debate stems from the life sentence an Oklahoma City, Okla., jury handed down to pharmacist Jerome Ersland on May 26 for a first-degree murder conviction in the killing of 16 year-old Antwun Parker.

Ersland’s attorneys told jurors throughout the murder trial that their client had acted in self-defense when he shot Parker six times during an attempted robbery at his Oklahoma City pharmacy. Prosecutors, meanwhile, argued Ersland went too far.

Source: Clayton Sandell, Sabrina Parise and Katie Kindelan for ABC.

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  • jsa

    Only two problems. Maybe three.
    1. Two robbers and only one gun
    2. Guy shot 6 times was guy without gun

    Otherwise wouldn’t have been a problem? Even though he shot an un-conscious guy 5 more times after retrieving a 2nd gun? I don’t know. That’s alot of stuff for the average jury to look past I would think.

  • ARA

    Sometimes Lady Justice isn’t blind, but dumb. The message this sends to the community must be truly chilling. I’m sure the criminal element is celebrating.

  • Charles Justice

    this kid is a criminal and pulls a gun to rob a this man in his store. the intent is to kill the man if he dosent get what he wants. this is perfectly clear in the video.this person asked to die the moment he pulled the gun on the pharmacist. a person deserves to protect himself with deadly force if he is being threatened with his life. then to make sure the criminal doesnt come back to threaten him again. dont pull guns and rob people…problem solved