Sen. Diane Feinstein throws down the gauntlet on gun control

Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California, when talking on Sunday,…

Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein of California, when talking on Sunday, said that Democrats will introduce new gun control legislature on the first day of the new US Congress.

Gun control in the United States is inevitably back on the debate table in regards to the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. Today on various political news talk shows on different networks, you have pro-gun and gun-control advocates having their say and giving their debates. In the case of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” only one guest took the “middle stance” and slammed both sides. Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut had spoken on CNN and ABC News. When speaking with Candy Crowley on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Malloy talked about assault weapons and that you don’t go hunting with those things. He talked more about the Newtown Tragedy when being interviewed on ABC’s “This Week.”

According to the poll conducted by YouGov and the Huffington Post, fifty percent of Americans felt that gun laws should be more strict than they are at the moment. Furthermore, the poll shows that fifty-one percent favor banning semi-automatic weapons. The polls show that after the incident at Newtown, support for stricter gun laws is gradually increasing.

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  • Crazy “GunNut”

    To Govenor Malloy…As a matter of fact I do go hunting with my M4, SkS and several other semi-automatic firearms. There are also several other legitimate sporting uses for these weapons the most obvious being competition shooting. As a politician entrusted with making laws, you should be aware that since May 1986 there has not been a single NEW “Assault Rifle” legally owned or purchased by a civilian in the United States. To legally purchase an “Assault Rifle” a civilian must go through a process that takes several months and includes an extensive background check as well as the purchase of a $200 tax stamp from the BATFE. On top of this these “Assault Rifles” have a starting price of well over $10,000.

    An Assault Rifle by definition has the capability of selective fire, the most common being fully automatic or a 3 round burst. I am willing to bet the majority of the people that support this ban have no idea that the Bushmaster Rifle used in this horrific crime is no more capable of AUTOMATIC fire than a revolver. This majority could exceed 90%. These people also have no idea how to tell the difference between any type of long gun. I am the only gun owner in my family. After this incident I became fed up with my family members telling me what firearms I should and shouldn’t be able to buy so I decided to set up an experiment. I set out all 6 of my long guns and 5 handguns. All were unloaded and made safe. Out of 10 adults (ages 18-64) all 10 were able to tell the difference between the pistols and revolvers. But out of 10 adults, ONLY 1 was able to correctly identify which long guns were semi-automatic. The most common firearm picked as a semi-automatic was a Traditions Muzzleloader!!! Just as disturbing is only 2 of them correctly identified a Yugoslavian M59/66 SkS equipped with all factory parts (grenade launcher, blade bayonet and all the other “scary” features) as a semi-automatic.

    I have a 6 year old daughter myself and I was disgusted and even scared that a Psycotic Murderer was able to gain access to these children. Let us not forget that if we can eliminate access to our children by these Mentally Challenged individuals, they can do our children no harm. I haven’t seen every newscast about this tragedy, but the ones I have seen have not mentioned how he was able to gain access to the school. At my daughters school all entry doors are locked during school hours and to gain access there is a buzzer that rings the office. The office staff asks you who you are and what the reason for your visit is. They can also see you on a video monitor while they are speaking to you. This system would not prevent someone from shooting out the glass and entering, but it would slow them down dramatically, and allow time to alert the entire school over the PA and call the police.

    After stating my obvious Pro-Gun views I will concede this…Get rid of the Gunshow “loophole”. But by doing so make the FBI background checking system available for private sellers to use. If not our only choice would be to sell our guns to Dealers who will only give you half of what a private seller will. I believe there is a way to compromise so everyone wins. Require a waiting period to purchase ALL firearms, but DO NOT restrict what can be purchased any more than it is TODAY. As fun as it is to purchase a new firearm, there is absolutely NO reason you need it TODAY. As long as people are aware they have to wait a week or even two to receive their firearm, they will make their purchase a week or two before their big hunting trip.

    Let’s not take this tragedy and use it for a political agenda. Focus on the families that have been torn apart and do what you can to help them. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. This is said over and over again because it is true. As a Firefighter I have seen people die in ways most people can’t imagine. Many, many more lives would be saved if we banned alcohol. If a drunk driver hit a school bus killing 20-30 children all we would hear on the news is how tragic this was. There would be absolutely no talk of banning alcohol even though it was directly to blame. Thousands more people die every year due to traffic accidents. We have the ability to greatly reduce this number and almost eliminate it by reducing speed limits to 25-30mph. Speed is what kills in almost every traffic accident with a fatality. Limiting the speed limit is limiting the capabilities of the cars we drive. This is exactly what they are trying to do with a firearms ban. They want to limit the capabilities and technological advances of firearms.


  • CrusaderKnight

    If police or soldiers want my guns,they cannot have them.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Ted Kennedy’s Car has Killed More People than

    My M-60 w/ 200 Round Belt

  • RF

    Living in Canada (with extensive gun control), this type of event could still easily happen. Gun control is a minor part of the big issue. The government needs to provide assistance for people suffering from mental health issues and ensure the public are aware of the warning signs. You can take away the guns, but it doesn’t help with the crazy! You cannot ban knifes, swords, diesel and fertilizer… but you can get people the help they need. Focus on the real issue, not the tool used by the nutcase.

  • stanislas

    More people per year die from drunk drivers or alcoholism then guns.

  • JH

    A man with a KNIFE stabbed 22 school children in China. Crazies will always find ways to injure or kill other people!