Senate to start votes on gun bill

The U.S. Senate will begin voting on amendments to gun…

The U.S. Senate will begin voting on amendments to gun legislation on Wednesday, including the leading proposals for tighter restrictions spurred by the Connecticut school massacre in December.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said the list of first votes would include the bipartisan yet controversial agreement on expanding background checks proposed by Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, and Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania.

Also up in the first round will be Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s proposal to ban the sale of semiautomatic firearms modeled after military style assault weapons.

President Barack Obama and many Democrats support a renewed assault weapons ban and an expansion of background checks as well as other measures before the Democratic-led Senate.

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  • toptwome

    well said , Ralph! So true!

  • shawn

    Wednesday was a day of victory that all gun sabers should remember. Not just because six of the nine amendments for background checks were all voted out , but because we are the one that fought tirelessly for them to vote against it. Our grassroots tactics paid off. I know in my state of West Virginia, yes I know, sen. Manchins home state I couldn’t even get through the phone line to make my voice heard most of the time. That’s because us being the soldiers of the second amendment knew how important it was to make our war cries heard. Im not comparing a phone call to the wars that our brothers in arms fight over seas but, I would like to think we are all soldiers fighting for our rights and freedoms of this united states. Today harry reads bill is up for a vote, as well as two others that I can’t think of but, I want to let everyone know that the fight isn’t over yet. Keep up the pressure and stay cool.

  • Ralph

    We need to slow down Dictator Obama. When the men and women that wear badges in this country don’t agree with him and his tactics on gun control, it should tell all something. Taking guns away from good people, who have a right to protect themselves makes no sense at all. I believe in my right to defend myself, family and home and I take this responsibility seriously. The Dictator Obama and his family are protected by men/women with guns and yet we and our children are not worthy of the same, how is that? He turned down a bill to have armed protection for our children in schools yet he can waste our money on vacations for he and his family and that is more important than we are, how about, we stop paying our taxes and see how much money he can get to waste. Wake up American’s, this is our country!!!!