Series of misfirings plague elite and high-profile NYPD unit.

As of late, the New York City Police Department's vaunted…

As of late, the New York City Police Department’s vaunted Emergency Service Unit (ESU) has been mired in a series of controversial and embarrassing misfirings of their weapons which insiders attribute to reduced training.

An exclusive report featured in the New York Daily News highlights an increasingly troubling trend of negligent firearm discharges by ESU officers.

The recent incidents portray the elite squad as trigger-happy or amateurish rather than the elite and world-class professionals they are commonly known as.

The Daily News exposé documents at least three separate occasions between last Autumn and January in which at least one stray shot was fired during each of those incidents, with at least one of those mishaps resulting in the serious injury of an elderly man.

Two of the incidents occurred this past November – including one at the famed Rockerfeller Center tree lighting ceremony in Midtown Manhattan.

Source: Pierre Waithe for Digital Journal.

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  • retiredwheelgunner

    Practice ,practice, practice keeping finger away from trigger until ready to destroy someone.

  • General Jim M

    Any cop who wants to dress like a stormtrooper and go into his’ duty shift ready to make war should just join the Marines.Cops are peace officers,not combat troops.We have to preserve that distinction.We don’t need the SS/gestapo kind of thing here.

  • tom

    They aren’t exactly world class if they are having NDs enough to make the news. I’ve been carrying a loaded gun daily for years, and I’ve never had an ND. But than I’m just a lowly “civilian”, even though I’ve out shot several SWAT cops on carbine qualifications.