‘Shall issue’ gun law sparks surge of new permits in Iowa.

The sound --- a sharp, short crack --- evoked a…

The sound — a sharp, short crack — evoked a range of reactions.

There were startled jumps from the inexperienced and subtle twitches from seasoned hands. For them, the sound of a .380 shell being expended wasn’t unusual. Waverly native Jean Doeppke then fired four more rounds at a paper target.

Afterward, Doeppke wasn’t sure how well she did. It was her first time shooting her new handgun, which she bought at a sports shop in Waverly. The decision to buy the gun wasn’t hard.

“I just took off and decided I’d get me a little handgun,” she said.

Doeppke was one of 29 people to take a safety training course offered by the Bremer County Izaak Walton League two weeks ago, a requirement to get her concealed weapons permit.

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