Shooters perforate donated Porsche 911 at gun range (video).

"An anonymous owner of a Porsche 911 donated his troublesome…

“An anonymous owner of a Porsche 911 donated his troublesome car to a local gun club rather than pay more than $20,000 to have it fixed. The wealthy motorist was so fed-up with the car’s constant engine problems he was happy to see 140 members of the Massachusetts club Comm2A fire 10,000 bullets into it. Photographer and gun enthusiast John Beauchemin says: “By the end of the shoot, the Porsche was so perforated that it was folding in half under its own weight. It was hauled off to the junkyard on a flatbed.”

Source: Cape Cod Today

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  • Pliskin

    I used to race muscle cars with John on Xbox Live. Cool to see he’s into guns as well. Nice video.