Shooting ranges see customer influx in Sacramento County, California (video).

The Folsom Shooting Club in Sloughhouse is one of many…

The Folsom Shooting Club in Sloughhouse is one of many gun ranges in the Sacramento County region seeing an increase in the number of people coming in to practice shooting.

The club has seen on average, more than 1,000 people a month come through the ranges, in comparison to a couple hundred per month in years past.

Membership has doubled in some clubs recently, along with an increase in citizens interested in obtaining concealed weapons permits.

Some believe the reason for the increase in gun interest stems from the impact on law enforcement from the unstable economy and budget cuts. Some may feel the need to be able to defend themselves, and others think it’s a matter of more individuals wanting to exercise their rights.

Source: News10

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    The sheeple of the world are waking up as they tend to when you hit the pocketbook with our almost crashed jobless economy and rising person to person crimes. That combined with the sudden purchasing of guns during the recent anti-gun administrations has lots of folks practicing with their new found but illusional power.
    Oh also it’s just plain fun!!!!