ShotSpotter weapon discharge detectors coming to America’s heartland.

Minneapolis has already adopted it. And this past week three…

Minneapolis has already adopted it. And this past week three more cities from the heartland — Flint, Mich.; Youngstown, Ohio; and Omaha, Neb. — have announced plans to roll it out.

The Youngstown Police Department decided to go very public by posting frank warning signs, such as this one at the Youngstown Elementary School: “If You Fire a Gun, We Will Find You.”

ShotSpotter relies on wide-area acoustic surveillance and GPS technology to triangulate the source of gunshots. Sensors are fixed to buildings and poles to provide coverage over a fixed area. With audio-analysis software, it can identify whether a shooter is stationary or moving — meaning police officers can be equipped with information on the speed and direction of, say, a vehicle from which a shot was fired.

Source: Allison Barrie for Fox News.

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  • Thom Paine

    ‘ If you fire a gun we will find you’ What after all the victims in such “gun free zones” are slaughtered? Yeah I got a sign for you too. If you try to disarm the American people, we will find you too! PS where I live any surveillance camera or the above described system would be targeted by every kid with a .22 or slingshot. And 75% of the adults as well ! 😉 Take your bs police state and shove it. We arent buying the lies.