SIG SAUER® Standard Commercial Pistols To Resume Shipping with Two Magazines

EXETER, NH – SIG SAUER, the leading manufacturer of military,…

EXETER, NH – SIG SAUER, the leading manufacturer of military, law enforcement, government agency and commercial firearms, will resume shipping all standard commercial pistols with two magazines. SIG SAUER suppliers increased production to meet the heightened consumer demand, thus allowing SIG SAUER to resume shipping two magazines with every commercial handgun.

Previously, SIG SAUER had announced effective March 20, 2009, that all standard commercial pistols would ship with a single magazine. Models that included more than two magazines were not affected. Shipments to distributors and dealers with the two magazines in each pistol will commence immediately.

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  • Yes but they will not furnish those magazines for weapons newly purchased if it left the factory with one and the price was the same. They will sell you another but not with a check, money order, cashiers check or bank draft. Only a credit card. They are beginning to act like “aig”. On another point of their lack of reliable customer service, they will not tell you that the P229R with markings on the frame which read “made in NH” are troublsome and have fee jam problems. While the same weapon marked “made in Germany” are trouble free. Know your weapon and know your manufacturer!!