SIG Sauer Pistol Used to Kill bin Laden in Big Demand

Sig Sauer's P226 was used by Seal Team Six when they found and killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.

sig-226 bin laden
“Gunshops say the 9 milimeter gun used to kill Osama bin Laden is a favorite with gun enthusiasts.”

Click the following link from KNBC-TV Los Angeles for their report on the SIG P226. NBC Los Angeles.

For more on the Sig Sauer P226 other other products from Sig, please visit the following links on


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  • larryD

    Hadn’t heard this before but the 226 was popular before this rumor.

  • Nathan

    Except bin Laden was killed with an HK416 5.56 mm rifle. Retards.

    • Christopher Joyce

      Facts don’t make for sensational articles and gun sales, though. Can’t sell the HK416 in most states.

  • 3RRG

    A seal team 6 member

  • eggmcmuffin

    Who seriously runs point on that kind of raid with their 9mm sidearm?

    • Christopher Joyce

      They didn’t, relax. This is a push for sales.

  • Mike

    I have one its a great gun. Like it better than my G17.

  • cc19

    One day it’s a Colt, then it’s the Hk416, and now it’s a P226?

    Let’s just get it over with and say he was done in with a 1911, serial number 1, with a silver bullet.

  • Jeff

    After the Navy SEAL who fired that shot leaves the military, he could probably make something for himself autographing them. Yay, capitalism!