Sig Sauer Secures $306 Million Pistol Contract for U.S. Army

EXETER, NH (April 28, 2009) SIG SAUER, Inc. announced today…

EXETER, NH (April 28, 2009) SIG SAUER, Inc. announced today that it has secured a multi-year contract to provide pistols to the U.S. Army’s Material Command.   The potential value for all quantities and the related customer support package is $306 million.  The initial order of 55,890 units is to be released as the standard sidearm for the entire Colombian National Police force.  Shipments are to begin immediately with a second release of 42,000 pistols to follow.

Ron Cohen, President and CEO, stated that he is proud that SIG SAUER’s long standing reputation for superior reliability and quality has been recognized with this exceptional contract.  Moreover, it provides an opportunity for SIG SAUER to continue to expand its manufacturing facilities and create U.S. jobs at a time when other companies are downsizing and exporting jobs overseas. Mr. Cohen further stated that the breadth of SIG customers is evidence of the worldwide acceptance and demand for SIG SAUER products. These customers include numerous elite law enforcement, military, and government agencies (e.g. the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force OSI, British SAS, French National Police, and the Colombian National Police).

Employing over 350 skilled workers at its Exeter, NH facility, the company has been on a continuous program of expansion and growth.  State-of-the-art automated machines now populate the majority of the facility, the result of over $30 million dollars invested over the past four years.

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  • Abled Navy Officer

    I gotta say, that I love the guns. I never liked the H&Ks but that’s just a personal thing; same as Glocks. But I can’t imagine someone deriding one of the best handgun factories. As for your experience with Sigs, I question your sample size. I can’t imagine making such claims on only one person’s experience.

    But then again, I can’t imagine a “Seals Team Leader” professing his profession on a website such as this. For the record, they’re called Seal Teams, not Seals Team and there’s no such thing as medically retired. There’s medically discharged and simply retired. Retired has no caveat.

    Lieutenant R., USN
    RTT, J35

  • Sig Sauer may sell it’s weapons to columbia but will not support it’s customers in the united states. It’s no wonder that even Glock outsells them. Try calling the factory in NH and tell them you recieved only one magazine with your purchase of their new P229R and they will try to re sell you what you already paid for. Sig weapons have allways been fairly reliable, however those marked on the reciever “made in NH” are troublsome while the same weapon maeked “made in germany” are dependable and reliable. A much better sidearm is the new S&W model 40 chambered for the sig .357 round. The only one bragging about Sig IS Sig. As a former Navy seal, I live and breath firearms. If you doubt this accuracy, try calling them in Exeter and tell them you only got one magazine for your P229R. They will try to sell you the one you supposedly already paid for.
    Seals Team Leader. Medically retired.