SIG Sauers ships first SIG516 rifles produced at Eckernförde plant.

SIG SAUER® is pleased to announce the first delivery of…

SIG SAUER® is pleased to announce the first delivery of the SIG516™ rifles produced by the company’s Eckernförde, Germany, production facility.

“Demand from the worldwide market has prompted the need for additional manufacturing capacity,” said Ron Cohen, SIG SAUER® President and CEO. “These rifles represent the next chapter in Eckernförde’s rich firearms history.”

The SIG SAUER® plant in Eckernförde is one of the most experienced firearms productions facilities in the world. More than 250 years of industrial firearms manufacturing stand behind this state-of-the-art rifle. The SIG516™ Patrol models were first off the line and featured a 16″ hammer-forged barrel, quad-rail for-end and collapsible buttstock.


Based on the AR15/M16 platform, the SIG516™ offers users refined reliability. A short-stroke gas pushrod system prevents carbon fouling and excess heat from ever reaching the chamber, significantly improving functionality. A four-position gas valve allows operators to choose between normal gas flow, extra flow for adverse situations, a reduced flow to enhance suppressor use, and a complete gas cutoff for optimized suppression and accuracy.

Fully ambidextrous controls make the SIG516™ the perfect choice for left-handed shooters while accuracy is enhanced through a built-in tensioning device, eliminating any play between the upper and lower receivers. A fully supported extractor enhances operator safety in the event of an overcharged round.

Source: SIG Sauer

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  • buttsmcgee

    ron cohen is a trainwreck who isnt qualified to run a mcdonalds. he has turned a once great manufacturer of fine combat SIDE ARMS into another ruger or taurus, vomiting out new worthless shit every year that no one wants and running the quality of p226’s p229’s etc. into the toilet.