Since 1993 Modesto, California PD snagged $2.6 million worth of surplus military equipment.

This military surplus guided missile trailer is now used as…

This military surplus guided missile trailer is now used as a flatbed trailer. The U.S. Department of Defense program provides surplus military equipment to local police agencies including Stanislaus Sheriffs and Modesto Police. March 23, 2012. Image: Debbie Noda

Led by the Modesto Police Department, law enforcement agencies in Stanislaus County have snapped up some $4.2 million worth of surplus military equipment since 1993 through a special Defense Department program.

Modesto police account for $2.6 million of that total, having acquired everything from a cargo truck and helmets to chemical- protection suits and rifles. However, it’s been a few years since the department received surplus equipment.

“We acquire the equipment as supplemental training tools,” Christianson said. “It’s equipment that I would normally have to budget and have to purchase.”

Other equipment acquired across the county included flashlights, bed sheets, a cargo parachute and a helicopter. The OH-58 helicopter is no longer used by the Sheriff’s Department, Christianson said, but its spare parts are used to maintain the department’s current helicopter.

Read the rest of G.W. Schulz and Andrew Becker’s article at The Modesto Bee.

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