Smith & Wesson’s USR GRAB System to appear on Modern Marvels.

Universal Safety Response, Inc. a Smith & Wesson company and…

Universal Safety Response, Inc. a Smith & Wesson company and a leader in perimeter security systems, announced today that the company will be featured in the upcoming television show, Modern Marvels, airing Thursday, May 20 at 9 p.m. EDT / 8 p.m. CDT on History. The Modern Marvels episode, titled “Keep Out”, will provide viewers with a look at how technology is used to protect the United States borders and airspace to help bolster the country’s safety. The episode will feature biometrics, locks, nuclear waste disposal, and shark protection, as well as a brief segment on USR’s award winning Ground Retractable Automobile Barrier (GRAB) system. The segment on USR will include, the history of the company, a brief demonstration of the GRAB active vehicle barrier, the impact that the GRAB has made in the perimeter security industry, and how the GRAB is used to help minimize potential vehicle threats to facilities in the U.S.

Modern Marvels is a documentary television series that features unique aspects of technology and how it affects today’s society. The show premiered in 1995 on the History Channel and has produced more than 500 episodes. Find out more about the series at

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