Smith & Wesson Ships M&P15-22 Rifles

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.-- Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 157-year old…

SPRINGFIELD, Mass.– Smith & Wesson Corp., the legendary 157-year old firearms maker, announced that it has begun shipping the new M&P15-22 tactical rifles. Offering the fit and feel of the company’s popular Military & Police (M&P) Rifle Series, the M&P15-22 is a dedicated .22 LR platform manufactured with a high strength polymer upper and lower receiver, offering reduced weight while being chambered in the more economical ammunition.

“The new M&P15-22 was specifically designed to offer consumers, law enforcement and military professionals, as well as AR-15 enthusiasts a lightweight yet durable rifle with operating controls that function identically to other M&P15 rifles currently in production.” said Tom Kelly, Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson. “Since the rifle is chambered in the more affordable .22 LR ammunition, the M&P15-22 provides sport shooters and working professionals with an opportunity to practice and train without the higher cost and scarcity of .223 ammunition.”

The M&P15-22 features a 16-inch barrel with a twist of 1 in 15 inches. The semi-automatic rifle is standard with a six-position collapsible stock to accommodate a variety of shooters and shooting positions, an A3 style flat top upper receiver with a quad-rail handguard for easily mounting optional accessories and an A2 pistol grip for improved firearm control.

The M&P15-22 also features a fully functional charging handle, an AR-15 style magazine release, bolt catch and a two-position receiver mounted safety. The M&P15-22 is complete with a removable 25 round magazine along with a removable A2-style front post sight, an adjustable A2-style rear sight and a single stage trigger. An optional barrel shroud will be available later this fall.

By remaining true to the standard AR-15 design while offering all of the preferred features found on the M&P Rifle Series, the M&P15-22 is well suited for a variety of recreational shooting applications while also serving as an extremely viable training firearm for law enforcement and military personnel.

The M&P15-22 has an unloaded weight of approximately 5 pounds. The rifle measures a compact 31 inches with the stock collapsed and 34 inches with the stock fully extended. The M&P15-22 is designed to accept all 1913 Mil. Std. rail adaptable accessories, Mil-Spec carbine stocks and most standard after-market AR-15 pistol grips.

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  • I love the mp1522 great gun do not use remingtons or Winchester XpertHV 36 grains they suck, best ammo to use is Federal bulk 500 rds also Winchester 333 and 555 rds pack Red boxes from Wmart.Do we have a chiwawa for President or what?

  • Mike Gravette

    Have not fired weapon yet. Stopped by two gun shops looking for extra mags. Both shops said they stopped selling this rifle because it was unsafe. Have I made a mistake?

  • Grant N. USAF “ret”

    17HMR Would be the bomb for this fun toy. Listen to the folks asking!!!!!!!!! I treat myself once a year to a fun gun. This was 2010 toy and love it. But would be super super @ a cal of .17
    Grant N. Msgt USAF (ret) Today is my 8 year retire date (May 01.2002)

  • Jd

    remember with all semi automatic 22’s that ammo is a important thing … make sure the ammo you use is not coated with a wax or you will have massive jams and misfeeds .. found out the hard way on my ruger mk2 and im assumin this will be the same havnt found a semi 22 yet that dont do with with wax coated ammo .. blazer is good works and functions fine outa mine ..

  • Va, buckhunter

    bought this little beauty 2 weeks ago, and havent had any problems so far. read all the bad things about this gun but no problems yet.can u change barrels on this gun? or make it fully auto ? not that i would ever do that. you can put alot of extras on this gun. thanks smith & wesson im pleased so far.

  • Jim

    I just got my 15-22 last Saturday and took it out shooting on Sunday. I had problems with Remington ammo so I switched to Federal bulk copper hollow points and haven’t had any problem since. The gun is a blast to shoot, without the expense of of my Rock River AR15. So far I am pleased with it. Only time will tell.

  • ed lowe

    where can i find hard case for the mp 15/22 please let me know thanks

  • Landon

    If they chamber this exact weapon to shoot the .17HMR, I would buy one as soon as I heard the news! S&W PLEASE MAKE A .17HMR VERSION OF THIS RIFLE!!

  • tim carey

    mine jams all the time

  • Dale Johnson

    My 15-22 has a huge fun facter to shoot. Mines scoped and shoots as accurately or more so than a stock 10-22. But like most 22s, likes standard velocity the best. Head shoot squirrels all day, light to carry too. Just wish it came with a 10 rd mag also, to better shoot from bags. And needs a flash hider, we gotta keep the libs pissed off.

  • I am a new owner of the S&W M&P 15/22. I have had one opportunity to fire it. This is truly a fun gun. It was a blast! When I bought it I didn’t expect much more than a novelty gun. My experience with it changed that notion. I feel it will be durable and dependable. It will be one of the guns I take when I want to plink. Yes, it is worth the money and I look forward to years of enjoyment with it. It is fun! Poor Old Robert