Smith & Wesson to close New Hampshire facility, add 225 jobs to Springfield (video).

Smith & Wesson has announced it will close its facility…

Smith & Wesson has announced it will close its facility in Rochester, New Hampshire, putting more than 200 people out of work.

Employees at Smith & Wesson make guns — mostly hunting rifles — at the New Hampshire plant. The operations will be moving to its headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Employees learned about the plant closure at a meeting on Wednesday, and will start to lose their jobs next month. The plant will close for good late next year.

Smith & Wesson says they will hold job fairs for employees and offer severance packages. The company says some employees may be offered the opportunity to transfer to Springfield.

Source: My Fox Maine

In addition…

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson said yesterday that it will add 225 manufacturing jobs at its Springfield facility.

he new jobs are a result of a decision to move production of its Thompson/Center guns from Rochester, N.H., to Springfield. The move will “create more efficiencies in the production lines,’’ said Melinda Phelps, a lawyer for Smith & Wesson. There will be some relocation of workers from New Hampshire, but the bulk of the jobs will be new hires, Phelps said.

Smith & Wesson bought Thompson/Center in 2007. That unit’s foundry will remain in New Hampshire, but the production of the guns will move to Springfield.

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  • Coastie

    Considering the gun laws in each state; I would have more respect for S&W if they moved their other facilities to New Hampshire, instead of leaving the state. Odd move; I guess they aren’t one of the gun industry manufactures that will be holding a stance against states that strip away 2nd Amendment rights of citizens.