Snarling Controversy Over Veteran and His Dog at Massachussetts Diner

Diner owner Russell Ireland said James Glaser and his small…

Diner owner Russell Ireland said James Glaser and his small dog had been into the Main Street restaurant before and he’d been told the dog was a service dog, but he found it hard to believe.

“It didn’t look like a therapy dog,” Mr. Ireland said. “It just looked like a regular mutt.”

The dog also didn’t act like the handful of other service dogs who have accompanied vision-impaired or otherwise handicapped people into the eatery, Mr. Glaser said.

“Most of those dogs? They just lay down on the floor and you don’t even know they’re there,” he said.

He said that during a prior visit he noticed a bad smell from the dog and saw it eating from one of the restaurant’s plates — things Mr. Glaser said are untrue.

On Saturday, when his staff told him Mr. Glaser, his wife and the dog were headed in, Mr. Ireland met them at the door and said the dog wasn’t allowed inside.

Mr. Glaser left the restaurant after what both sides agree was a heated exchange that may have involved a few expletives from Mr. Ireland and clearly shouldn’t have gone as far as it did.

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