Social networking site devoted to firearms about to launch (video).

The free social networking site is the brainchild of native…

The free social networking site is the brainchild of native Charlottean Charlie Pratt. The idea came to him after he experienced a scattered knowledge base on the Internet.‘s aim: to connect and grow the firearm community in a way that Facebook and Twitter can’t, says Pratt. “There were people who wanted to connect and there was no way to do it,” says Pratt.

Pratt and his business partners have been working on Gunway for about a year. They hope the site attracts hunters, shooters, military, law enforcement, gun newbies and even people who may not like guns. Pratt says, “People read the headlines and they see a lot of news about irresponsible people with firearms and that’s one of the things we really wanna combat.”

In addition to sharing news and photos, users will also be able to ask questions and get answers from peers and experts.

Source: Fox Charlotte

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