Software upgrades on the way for many F-16s

It’s time for a software upgrade to the Air Force’s…

It’s time for a software upgrade to the Air Force’s Block 40 and Block 50 F-16s, and for the first time, the two flying tech support teams are stationed at the same base.

It also marks the first time that the software is made in-house in the Air Force.

Previous versions were developed by the lead civilian contractor, with the developmental and operational tests occurring at separate bases.

Here’s what’s important about the F-16’s system upgrade:

•What is the software? The operational flight program is the software in the Block 40 and Block 50 Vipers that controls all avionics and weapons for the jet. Earlier versions were created by Lockheed Martin, but this iteration is all Air Force, created by the 309th Software Maintenance Group at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.

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