Soldiers’ $2,800 in bag fees spark outrage, policy changes (video).

Stung by online comments calling it "disgusting" and "un-American," Delta…

Stung by online comments calling it “disgusting” and “un-American,” Delta Air Lines on Wednesday announced it will allow U.S. military personnel traveling on orders to check more bags for free.

The policy change, which is effective immediately, came a day after U.S. Army soldiers returning from Afghanistan complained that they were charged almost $3,000 in bag fees by the carrier.

“We regret that this experience caused these soldiers to feel anything but welcome on their return home,” wrote Rachael Rensink, manager of Delta Social Media, in an updated post on the carrier’s blog.

Source: A. Pawlowski for CNN.

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  • Jeff

    Good job Delta, way to reward the guys that protect the freedoms of capitalism: to take advantage of everyone!