Soldiers committ suicide, strains mount for troops

WASHINGTON - Unprecedented strains on the nation's all-volunteer military are…

WASHINGTON – Unprecedented strains on the nation’s all-volunteer military are threatening the health and readiness of troops as U.S. soldiers commit suicide at record levels, young officers abandon their military careers, and the heavy use of forces in Iraq has made it harder for the military to fight conflicts that could arise elsewhere.  For more details, click here and return back to comment.

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  • Eddie Puente

    I thank God for the soldiers that have fought and are fighting for mine and my family and friends freedoms. Those powers that be MUST do something to halt this tragic consequent of battle weary heros. The idea of sending civilian psychologists and mental health professionals is long over due. I believe civilian medical personnel should also be offered the opportunity to help in the military operations if they are not already doing so. God Bless the warrior citizens of this country and may angels protect them under the wings of safety.