Soldiers turn hijackers of North Korea ship in Somali port

Image: Think Defense/Flickr A dozen soldiers guarding a North Korean…

Image: Think Defense/Flickr

A dozen soldiers guarding a North Korean ship impounded in Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region for maritime violations have hijacked the vessel and its 33 crew, government and naval sources said on Wednesday.

Puntland had been the epicenter of Somali piracy but the use of armed guards on ships and a concerted crackdown by international navies has seen the number of successful pirate hijackings fall in 2012.

MV Daesan, a North Korean ship ferrying cement to Somali capital Mogadishu, was impounded and fined last month by Puntland authorities who accused it of ditching its cargo off Somalia’s coast.

The ship dumped the cement into the ocean because it had been rejected by importers in Mogadishu, who claimed that the cement was wet and unusable, authorities said.

However, a government source told Reuters a dozen soldiers guarding the vessel hijacked it on Tuesday night. It was now at sea, destination unknown.

Source: Reuters

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    and I care why? I don’t it’s NORTH Korea my enemy. After all the shows of force, killing and trash talking let them figure out what to do, not our issue, in their neck sideways