Somali pirates convicted for attacking US Naval ship.

Five young Somali men face life in prison after being…

Five young Somali men face life in prison after being convicted of piracy in the April attack on a US Navy ship.

Prosecutors said the men attacked the USS Nicholas after mistaking it for a merchant ship and were out for as much as $40,000 (£24,800)
in ransom money.

But the men’s lawyers maintained the five only fired their weapons to attract attention and get help.

The verdict is the first in a piracy case in the US in nearly 200 years. The men face a mandatory life sentence.

The five men were convicted of piracy, attacking to plunder a maritime vessel, and assault with a dangerous weapon.

They were arrested in April, along with six others who were captured a few days later in waters near Djibouti after allegedly shooting at the USS Ashland, an amphibious vessel.


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  • Chris

    They lucked out in mistakingly attacking a US Naval vessel. If it was a Russian Naval ship they would have been on their way to see if there is an afterlife or not.

    These are occupational hazards of being a pirate so they’ve no right to complain if they get thrown in the slammer or executed on site.