Some California lawmakers want easier access to carry concealed guns.

The right to carry a concealed weapon in California is…

The right to carry a concealed weapon in California is mostly reserved for those at risk of violence — jewelers, bail bondsmen and criminal prosecutors among them.

But some legislators say their job has become dangerous too. Despite objections from some law enforcement officials and even gun rights advocates, they want a law that would make it easier for them to tote firearms for protection.

The lawmakers cite the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) in Tucson and threats from constituents in California as cause for permits to carry weapons.

“I’ve had guys physically come up to me ready to punch me out,” said Democratic state Sen. Lou Correa of Santa Ana, co-author of a new permit proposal.

Correa, who owns a gun but doesn’t have a concealed-weapon permit, said he has received threats of violence in e-mails, some of which are filled with racial slurs. He said staffers in his Orange County district office have been spat upon, and some have felt threatened by members of the public who come into the office and scream at them because they don’t like the way the state is run.

After the Arizona shooting, one staffer requested that Correa provide a Taser for the office, something he is considering.

Source: Patrick McGreevy for the Los Angeles Times.

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  • Jeff

    The irony here is if they had made it easier for their common citizen this wouldn’t even be an issue. Its just hypocrisy on their part.

  • Demonrats..own the Failed State of Kalifornia…no bailout. They broke it let them fix it. …Texan by Choice…left PRK..23 months ago after fighting the good fight.

  • Tom

    State Year Population Murders
    California 2008 36,580,371 185,173
    2009 36,961,664 174,459
    What about the danger to the law abiding citizens of California.