Some Oklahoma law officers wary of ‘Open Carry’ bills.

Image: iStockPhoto Some law enforcement officials are wary of legislation…

Image: iStockPhoto

Some law enforcement officials are wary of legislation that would allow Oklahomans to display their handguns openly, but others say the public may not see a big difference.

Oklahomans with a permit can carry a concealed handgun, but the so-called Open Carry legislation would permit them to wear it exposed.

Similar bills have passed the House and Senate, and Gov. Mary Fallin says she supports the concept of allowing Oklahomans to openly carry guns.

Oklahoma Association of Police Chiefs president Norman McNickle told The Oklahoman most law enforcement officials support run rights, but some are concerned that people who openly carry their firearms in public might cause distractions that interfere with public safety.

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  • Nick

    It’s obivously different dependent on where u live, but here in central Indiana you don’t EVER see someone open carrying. It would literally scare all the sheeple everywhere, and the police here, although fair, would Hassel you for scaring the masses. Lol. Although people are more polite when they see u carrying a firearm. After all they only see a weapon, and no badge.

  • John

    I buy one of those flashy CCP badges, and sling over my bleat for open carry in public.