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Some Techies Hear Call of the Shooting Range

A group of engineers at Palo Alto software startup Cloudera…

A group of engineers at Palo Alto software startup Cloudera Inc. got together last month for a team bonding event with a stash of 12-gauge shotguns.

About 20 of them gathered at Coyote Valley Sporting Clays in Morgan Hill on a Friday morning to shoot at moving targets in the countryside. “It was a real treat,” says Aaron T. Myers, a 27-year-old Cloudera software engineer who helped organize the trip, noting that it was something most had never done before.

Last summer, a team of several dozen Facebook Inc. employees held an off-site meeting at the Metcalf Shooting Range in San Jose, shooting targets with rifles and guns.

For a growing niche of Silicon Valley techies, guns are the new golf.

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