Son of Israeli gun inventor arrested for possession of huge weapons cache.

Kfar Sava police confiscate weapons collection of Galil rifle inventor,…

Kfar Sava police confiscate weapons collection of Galil rifle inventor, Israel Prize laureate Yisrael Galili; Galili’s son, who inherited the collection, questioned by police on suspicion of arms dealing.

The Kfar Sava policemen who found dozens of guns packed in boxes at the Galili family’s Hod Hasharon home on Monday were sure they had discovered one of the Sharon region’s biggest arms dealers. They summoned reinforcements, and dozens of policemen rushed over.

Unfortunately, the policemen did not connect the family name to the name on some of the guns. Zeev Galili, who was home when the officers arrived, insisted that he had inherited the weapons, which originally belonged to his father, Israel Prize laureate Yisrael Galili – one of the founders of Israel’s defense industry and the inventor of the Galil rifle.

“These guns were displayed on the wall for many years,” Galili told Haaretz. “My father collected them, but now we’re moving house, so they are being packed into boxes. What amazed me was that not one of them understood who my father was and what his connection was to these weapons.”

Source: Yaniv Kubovich for Haaretz.

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