Sources say Sig Sauer to introduce P227 double-stack .45 ACP at SHOT Show 2013

Sig Sauer Guns Reports: The P227 is going to be…

Sig Sauer Guns Reports:

The P227 is going to be a .45 ACP double stack pistol with overall dimensions very close to the P226. The thickness of the grip will be pretty much identical to a P226 with 2 piece grips except it will be an enhanced ergonomic grip.

The P227 will ship with a 10rd flush fit magazine and there will be a 14rd extended length mag as well.

The P227 will accept standard P220 5″, 4.4″, and 3.9″ slides. If you have a P220 Match Stainless Elite or a Super Match, those slides should work too. The pistol will fit in standard P220 and P226 holsters.

Overall, the P227 is most similar in size to a P226 which is why it follows in part numbers (instead of calling it a P221).

The initial models will probably be (this is not set in stone but should be pretty close):

227R-45-B – P227 with contrast sights – 4.4″ barrel, 10rd
227R-45-BSS – P227 with night sights – 4.4″ barrel, 10rd
227R3-45-SAS2B – P227 Carry SAS with Night Sights – 3.9″ barrel, 10rd

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  • D. Sanchez

    Cool…I got excited for a minute, then I thought about it. Is the extra weight and girth of the double stack worth the 2 rounds it carries over my commander sized 1911. Heck, Sig makes a fine 1911…I have almost 5000 rounds thru my 1911, with ONE failure to feed, winchester white box ball round..Got excited about buying a new gun…but….