South Bend businessman caught in legal battle that’s making headlines nationwide

A South Bend businessman is caught in a legal battle…

A South Bend businessman is caught in a legal battle after being arrested for carrying a gun in New York City, his case is making national headlines and stirring a nationwide debate on gun laws.
Ryan Jerome, who has lived in South Bend for 12-years (not counting service in the Marine Corps) and was raised in Sandusky, Michigan, is the owner of RJ’s Gold on Michigan Street in downtown South Bend. He opened his shop on September 16, within two-weeks his business was doing so well that he was ready to take $15,000 worth of gold to a refinery.
“That refinery actually happened to be in Long Island, New York so that’s kind of how the whole thing started there,” Jerome described.
According to Jerome’s lawyer, Mark Bederow, before making the trip to New York and carrying thousands of dollars worth of gold on the streets, Jerome had an eye to his safety and checked to see if it would be legal for him to carry his .45-caliber pistol with him in the city. Bederow claims the Jerome consulted a website about gun laws and a mistake led him to believe that his permit to carry a gun in Indiana would be valid in New York City.
“I most definitely wouldn’t have gone if I’d have known that it was illegal to take my weapon,” Jerome stated. “I would’ve never taken it with me.”

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  • TexasDoubleTap

    Point made! New York, Illinois, New Jersey and other like minded states feel that it is perfectly alright to wipe their rear ends with the 2nd amendment and the Constitution with which this “FREE” country was founded. I wish the legislators in these states would cut out the BS and just come forth and say what they really want to say: “Law abiding citizens have absolutely NO right to protect themselves from bodily harm brought upon by an attacker, and if their life is in imminent danger then their only option is to wait for the authorities to come render aid”. Of course statistics tell the story about how these types of attacks usually play out with the attacker inflicting serious injury and very possible death on the victim, while the cops show up ready to go 7-10 minutes TOO LATE!!! Ever hear the saying: “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away”? There is a lot of truth to that saying, but how could you ever expect some dipsh*t politician who has their own security and protection taken care of, to ever give a sh*t about the common man/woman’s rights for self-defense via a firearm. It’s like trying to reason with these politicians who claim to have all the answers to the Healthcare problem, but the funny thing is that those a**holes never worry a day in their life about healthcare or medical bills so how can they possibly understand someone who does? The simple fact is that there are people who will willingly take your property, whether they have to shoot you or not, and if you expect law abiding citizens to just stand there and do nothing, well my friend you have lost all sight of what America is all about. This country certainly was not forged by a bunch of gutless cowards who would just stand there and allow their property and honor to be violated. So these politicians need to get their sh*t together and start remembering what this country is about. Guns have always, and will always be a part of this country and if it is such a problem for certain people then leave, plain and simple. After all, there is a reason this is AMERICA and not a territory of the UK. We didn’t kick the oppositions a** and make this land America by sending them hugs, kisses, and fairy dust. YES, guns are dangerous and have the capacity to take a life, but so do butter knives and I guarantee you that if next week there was a string of butter knife murders we would not be writing legislation to outlaw butter knives. People (including politicians) who have never owned or even operated a weapon and have no knowledge of weapons, have absolutely no business writing policy on weapons and talking like they do know weapons. In the case of Jerome, give me a break ok? The man served our country and put his a** on the line in the Marine Corps. He’s a registered owner with no criminal record and has been deemed competent enough by the state of Indiana to carry a firearm. What more do you want from someone? DROP THE CHARGES ALREADY and stop making an embarrassment out of the state of NY. I’ll put it this way, if I ever want to engulf my life in fashion and a bunch of BS that means nothing, then maybe I’ll take a trip to NY. Until then, I’ll stay in Texas where we treat people with respect and dignity, but won’t hesitate to shoot someone’s a** if they are trying to STEAL property and inflict bodily harm on innocent people. We respect law enforcement tremendously for all their efforts, but down here we WILL NOT wait to take action. So NY, grow a pair and let that man go with dropped charges. Best regards.