South Carolina Troopers being trained to take down shooters

Wyant was participating in the SC Department of Public Safety’s…

Wyant was participating in the SC Department of Public Safety’s new effort to train more than 800 of its officers from the SC Highway Patrol, State Transport Police and Bureau of Protective Services to respond to shooters in public places such as schools or office buildings.

Those officers usually patrol roads and are less familiar with how to manage a scene when a person is taking hostages or is trying to kill as many people as possible. But with the SC Highway Patrol being the largest law enforcement agency in the state, with troopers assigned to every county, it is likely a trooper would be among the first to respond to a crisis, said Capt. Art Felder, who leads the public safety department’s training unit.

In rural counties, “There may be two deputies and one trooper working a shift that day, and that’s who will respond,” he said.

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