South Georgia Technical College Law Enforcement students practice responding to “crimes in progress.”

Students in South Georgia Technical College’s (SGTC) Law Enforcement Academy…

Students in South Georgia Technical College’s (SGTC) Law Enforcement Academy recently had the opportunity to learn first-hand how to respond to various police phone calls and obtain correct information from victims and complainants.

Several SGTC staff members volunteered their time to help recruits practice gathering information by acting as victims of various crimes. Law Enforcement Academy instructor Brett Murray and Criminal Justice Chair Vanessa Wall dispatched the students to different locations on SGTC’s Americus campus to question complainants and take notes on what the “victims” told them.

SGTC staff members who participated in the exercise were Wally Summers, vice president of economic development; Cara Harrell, general education/mathematics instructor; Julie Partain, registrar; Eulish Kinchens, registrar assistant; Whitney Crisp, director of admissions; Teresa McCook, criminal justice instructor; and Sandy Alford, law enforcement academy administrative assistant.

“We would not have been able to make this simulation as realistic as we did without the help of all of our volunteers,” said Wall.

SGTC’s Law Enforcement Academy program takes 17 weeks to complete and most recruits qualify for the HOPE Grant and other forms of financial aid. Admission standards require all students to undergo a thorough background check and adhere to all rules as set forth by the state POST Council. Students will also have to meet minimum scores in English, reading and math.

Source: Americus Times-Recorder

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