Police in South Portland, Maine recently acquired a MaxxPro MRAP vehicle.
Police in South Portland, Maine recently acquired a MaxxPro MRAP vehicle.

South Portland, Maine Police Acquire MaxxPro MRAP Vehicle

South Portland, Maine Police Department is one of seven police departments to acquire a new MaxxPro MRAP vehicle.

The South Portland, Maine Police Department is one of seven police departments to acquire a Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP) vehicle. According to KeepMeCurrent.com, municipal police departments in Brunswick, Sanford and Old Orchard Beach also recently received MRAPs, as well as sheriff’s departments in Cumberland, Franklin and Oxford Counties.

The MaxxPro MRAP acquired by South Portland police is designed to carry a two-man crew, four to six passengers, and a turret-topping “gunner”, KeepMeCurrent.com reports. It is 21 feet long and has an 8.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine.

“We are very fortunate to have this asset,” said Police Chief Ed Googins. “To have local property taxes support an acquisition like this, even for the less expensive civilian versions Portland and the state police have, it just wouldn’t happen.”

Googins said that the MRAP will be utilized by the Regional Special Reaction team — essentially a SWAT team — in conjunction with the Cape Elizabeth and Scarborough Police Departments. It deploys roughly six times per year, Googins added.

Read more: http://www.keepmecurrent.com

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  • zenbuddhist

    Next time the dorm party at smcc gets outta hand… Kidding aside, WHY? Can we get a taxpayer refund on this?

  • 10isace

    it’s a waste of taxpayer money. it’s like taking 5 aspirin for a headache when all you need is 2.

  • 10isace

    do they have small penises and this is how they make up for it?

  • Kyle

    I’m going to protest these we don’t need weapons of war on our streets the most recent crime that happen in south portland was a stabbing in redbank, I was fine untill this came on my newsfeed this is a waste and pointless to have unless there stalking up to go after us.

    • Adam Knapp

      To stop a bad guy with a knife, you need a good guy with an ultra-armored military vehicle and a 50 cal.

      • Vinson Parkhill

        Now you’ve been in an encounter with someone wielding a knife. You seem to live dangerously.

  • Fed up

    I feel safer already. Can’t wait til this thing flips over on 95. This stupid free military toys to police departments has to stop. Nothing is free. Our property taxes might not pay for it but our fed income tax do. Stop the militarization of the police. What are they gearing up for? Ask yourself that. Hey I saw an ISIS flag at the LL Bean outlet.

  • Nick Aloes

    I in no way support my property tax dollars being spent on this vehicle!!!!!!!!!

  • Clair Lamb

    Why? Why in the world would the South Portland police ever need such a thing, much less Old Orchard Beach? What a waste, and what a terrible message for the police force to be sending the community it’s supposed to be serving.

  • ChrisSF

    What an absurd waste of public funds. This vehicle should be returned and all payments rescinded,

  • FarmerTom

    Not one police department in Maine needs something like this. This is disgusting.

  • Bill G.

    How do citizens get rid of these? I mean it’s our money and our police right?

  • Shawn

    Another wonderful thing that our government has done for us. Thanks for buying the most useless playtoy 🙂

  • Nicholas Drake

    This is bull. South Portland isn’t dangerous at all. I am there all the time. The most dangerous thing in SoPo may be the traffic near the mall. Guess it can be used to push greedy drivers out of the way…

  • DeborahLBedard

    I can find no good reason (other than the tax spender ideal of “I want it, I want it”) to have this type of vehicle for our police departments. They are expensive to own, operate and the causal usage is for nothing more than “show”. Having a well armed police department is one thing, having a militarily armed police force is quite another. We in Maine don’t have the kind of crime that could justify the cost of this new toy. And toy is all it is. Chief Googins should be ashamed of himself for wasting property tax money on this eye candy.

    • Tyler Fogg

      I absolutely agree. Here in Maine there is NO reason what-so-ever to possess a vehicle such as this. And the fact that this was payed for with local property taxes only makes me more angry. That money should be going to things that we actually need. America is quickly becoming a military police state, and anyone who thinks otherwise is oblivious to whats been happening right outside their front door.

  • Brian Brigham

    It’s about time a local police department had one of those! Maine is a dangerous place, we need a tactical combat vehicle to defend us from that new gang that is causing us problems every day, it’s a new gang and there are already thousands of them! They call themselves The Red Squirrels. They cause chaos wherever they go! We need that gun turret because, instead of trying to trap them and get them out of our garages, we can just blow the wall off and it’ll be taken care of!

    (Robert, town taxes don’t pay for veteran’s. Insurance does that, and if your “good friend” is struggling, I’m betting that he didn’t get it?)

    • Danny J. Comp

      Hahaha Brian?! What!?!? Gangs, Portland Maine?!? Good god my friend if your in that much fear of living in Portland me because of a few little punks running around then you live a very sheltered life. be grateful you live in such a nice low crime area and not some where like Lynn, MA or chelsea I dunno even they don’t have a military tank haha.. Oh man this guy has me cracking up over here.. Send that thing to Iraq I think a BB gun will take care of your squirrel problem.. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Robert

    This is absolutely ridiculous… So its deployed 6 times a year, out of those 6 excursions, how many times is it justifiably put into action? My good friend lives in south Portland. He recently lost his leg in Afghanastan, and he struggles to keep food on the table for him and his little girl… But the cops got a sweet new ride… I try to be optimistic and have faith in the justice system of our great country, and I consider myself a patriot, but this shit really bums me out

    • Cole

      Everything you just said. Has nothing to do with this bring given to the police department. Sad as it may be that your friend is struggling. Local governments don’t handle military compensation.