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  • RKB

    its 2 days from feb. and no new 40 subcompact yet!!!!!! please hurry springfield armory!!!!!!

  • John

    Hope the new XDM 9mm comes with the four inch barrel similar to the xd-9 service pistol so it can be easily carried/concealed.

  • Jonh Micheal Kane

    Saw the new XD (m) poster, it is the 9mm. 20 rounds + 1 in the chamber is the plan. Rumors around the net say .45 ACP by February 2009, can’t wait.

  • mTV

    The new ZD-M is going to be a 20 round 9mm, saw it in a NRA magazine.

  • JMK

    If it’s indeed .45 ACP, I will buy it the day it comes out!!!!

  • JWG

    What do you think……….45 ACP???
    I’m thinkin’.