Concealed Carry Draw Springfield Armory E-Book

Concealed Carry Draw: Download Springfield’s Free E-Book

Springfield Armory's new e-book, “Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw,” details the safest and most efficient way to draw your CCW.

The following is a release from Springfield Armory:

When and where legal, there are many positives to carrying a pistol concealed. Chief among them is the lowered visibility to the outside world. The whole point of concealed carry is to be discreetly armed.

When it comes to drawing your concealed firearm, though, how do the experts do it? What’s the safest and most efficient way?

Springfield Armory’s e-book, “Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw,” demonstrates:

  • The two-handed draw and re-holster
  • The one-handed draw and re-holster
  • Safety guidelines for firearm handling
  • Our top recommendations for concealed carry pistols

Learn More and Download the Free E-Book Here 

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