Springfield XD(M) .45ACP now shipping nationwide.

According to Springfield's website Springfield-armory.com the brand new XD(M) in…


According to Springfield’s website Springfield-armory.com the brand new XD(M) in .45ACP is now shipping. For a map of shooting ranges that will have samples to shoot click here. More information on the XD(M) in .45 can be found here.

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  • I just fired the XDm-45 that is a rental at Shooters Choice in Wilmington, NC. I have an XDm-40 that I have put over 4000 rounds through, well I was very, very impressed and pleased! I used 230 grain ball and the first ten rounds standing were within 3-4 inches. Recoil was less than my 40 with 165gr. Yes I understand the speeds and inertia etc., but the pist felt just great in my hand and the rounds just went where I aimed with rapid fire, there was no time at all in keeping on target. I have fired many rounds through .45s while in the USMC for 20 years and I found it a pleasure to fire this new XDm. I even think I will buy one when one comes in, since this one was sent out as a rental. Awesome!