Springfield XD(M) Compact Now Shipping

For more information click over to the-m-factor.com.







For more information click over to the-m-factor.com.

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  • Aaron Holland

    The best shooting pistol I have. A 9 MM tack driver.

  • ShiftyPete

    Why oh why couldn’t they just make is Glock 23 size and offer a couple more rounds and be done with it. Now it’s either full size or too little mag capacity.

  • Alex E

    Springfield finally got it right Compact XDm with a compact Grip/frame. The price still to much for what it is = crazy but performance is all XDm. I own a 4.5 XDm and is accurate and dependable, the fact is the with the sleeve you can use 19+1/9mm and 16+1/40SW … My only complain is price, Glock still cheaper ! but with the new G26/27 Gen4 coming out soon. The battle is on ! Like Donkey Kong !