St. Louis police dealing with, working around ammo shortage (video)

...Those gun control talks are causing the sale of guns…

…Those gun control talks are causing the sale of guns and ammunition to skyrocket. Right now, it’s extremely difficult for hunters and sport shooters to get their hands on bullets.

But one group that’s not feeling the ammo shortage is local police. NewsChannel 5 checked in with departments big and small on both sides of the river. The common theme is that officers are well-supplied with ammunition.

The St. Louis County Police Department goes through more than 450,000 bullets each year during training exercises. That doesn’t count the ammunition officers carry while on duty.

Right now the department has six to eight months of ammunition stored up. But that wasn’t the case a few years ago and changes had to be made.

“In 2008 there was some panic buying and ammunition became short and we didn’t have an eight month supply sitting in the vault,” said Officer John Bozarth, St. Louis County Police Department Armorer. “So we wound up going until August and didn’t have any more ammunition. So we had to cut back on training.”

Source: Grant Bissell for KSDK

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  • Matt in Oklahoma

    Dont think that if all these special gun laws are put in place you still wont have an ammo/gear shortage because so many companies will fold. That will really limit the amount of produced ammo or coolio stuff. LEO and non LEO are all effected by these events.
    Truth is the civilian market pushes production, engineering and “wants” way more than LEOs so cutting off the coolio market to the GP will only hurt LEOs