St. Mary’s, MD Sheriff’s Department to purchase tactical armored vehicle

Image: inventorchris/Flickr (for illustration) The St. Mary’s County Commissioners have…

IL - Kane County Joint Swat Team
Image: inventorchris/Flickr (for illustration)

The St. Mary’s County Commissioners have approved the purchase of a more-than-quarter-of-a-million-dollar tactical armored vehicle for the sheriff’s department’s emergency services team. The $266,000 purchase will come from the account that has built up over time from federal and local forfeitures, largely money and property seized from drug dealers. No tax money would be used.

St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron made the request Tuesday morning to the commissioners. He was accompanied by a member of the emergency services team whose face was hidden by the county’s videographer on the live broadcast of the meeting on Cable Channel 95, the county government channel.

The detective from the team has been a member since 1999 and before that he was on the Prince George’s County emergency services team. He said one of the PG members died in the line of duty just before he joined.

The detective told the commissioners that the vehicle has been needed for a long time and that adjacent counties have them. He said St. Mary’s has to borrow those vehicles in emergency situations. He said it would protect citizens and suspects as well.

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  • FatherPatriot

    @CalGunner – I understand the need for the occasional use of SWAT teams with specialized equipment. However, the point I was trying to make was that it seems like virtually EVERY single LEO these days is getting decked out like they’re ready for war…not just specialized SWAT teams. I do not feel like there is a need for a full-auto M4 and heavy body armor in every squad car. An undercover vest and an issue pistol should cover MOST encounters on regular duty. I still can not justify blowing 250K on an armored vehicle, even for SWAT teams. How many extra employees or squad cars could they have bought with that???

  • Secret Squirrel

    It’s the latest craze to hit the Nation. U-know how dangerous it is to serve a warrant on a single parent of four receiving food stamps these days…? Well do You? Forget about “Bath Salt” zombies, or families not clearing the park fast enough after the parade… this will get the attention it deserves or by golly we will just run the law breaker citizen down “ You Betcha!”

  • Dan H.

    Unfortunately, police officers do need equipment and tools like that. Dirtbags can get ahold of large caliber weapons of automatic ones. They can make homemade explosives. I don’t know about you, but when SHTF I want to put as much solid material between me and the lead being slung my way. If you don’t want police to be able to help you when you need it, don’t call them.

  • CalGunner

    Yes, there is, because the criminal element uses anything they can get their hands on to fight against law enforcement, including military grade weaponry. Or are you suggesting that their lives are not worth the protection they deserve to combat crime.

  • Greg

    Are you really serious? Until you have been shot at, don’t judge officers for wanting protection.

  • FatherPatriot

    Why do local LEO appear to be headed into a war zone these days? Is there REALLY a need for an armored vehicle, ballistic gear, auto weapons for civilian law enforcement???!