Stamford, CT Police to buy back guns in exchange for holiday gift cards

In an effort to help cut down on crime, Stamford…

In an effort to help cut down on crime, Stamford Police are encouraging people to turn in firearms in exchange for gift cards to local stores this holiday season.

The Stamford Police Department, in conjunction with First Congregational Church, will hold two Gun Buy Back events during the month of December.

“The idea is to get these dangerous items off the street so you can legally, safely dispose of it,” said Officer Joseph Steyer, who is helping organize the event. Steyer found that 25 percent of all violent crimes in Stamford this year involved firearms.

The first event will be held on Dec. 1 at the Stamford Police Department, located at 805 Bedford Street. The second event will take place at First Congregational Church, located at 1 Walton Pl. on Dec. 15. Both events will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This year’s Gun Buy Back events will be the first in Stamford in 11 years. At the last event in 2001, police collected 67 firearms.

Source: Korey Wilson for The Stamford Times

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  • CrusaderKnight

    Does the police department have an FFL? Why are they dealing in guns?What does buy back mean? How can cops “buy back” what they never owned? The cops are probably buying old junk guns or even STOLEN guns.Don’t they have to try to return recovered stolen guns to the rightful owners? Dealing in stolen property? Those big city yankees don’t have much common sense.Do they really think that people are gonna turn in Kimbers,S&W Performance Center or Weatherby’s to the cops? Liberal feelgood bullcrap.PS Churches do not have FFLs either.What about seperation of church and state? I guess that’s only when it benefits government.The BATFE should put a halt to this unlawful dealing in firearms and possibly stolen guns.